It’s been a while, so I got a bit to cover, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. 2 weeks ago I had my psychological and polygraph exam (the last 2 steps in my process). It was a really long day, but I passed and I am officially a Police Recruit with my #1 department choice. The Academy starts June 2nd, so it’ll probably be dead here into then since because I’m now just waiting to start.

To God be the glory. All I ask for is an opportunity and I’m one step closer.

To God be the glory. All I ask for is an opportunity and I’m one step closer.

People often ask me why I want to be a police officer… 

but my real answer would have them rethinking their life values.

Oral Review Board

So yesterday (Feb. 4) I had the 2nd half of my PAT (bench press 75% body weight and leg press 2.1 x body weight) and my panel interview. The PAT was first and I knocked that out with ease. Then I got dressed in my suit and waited until the panel was ready for me. Once they were ready someone took me to a room where all 3 were sitting down and seated me at a table and chair in front of them. 

The first part of the interview was easy because they told me to tell them about myself and why I was in the chair interviewing for their department. They talked to me about my personal history packet and little things that were in there.

The second part is what killed me. They gave me a couple of scenarios and I did terrible on them. All 3 officers on the panel bent me over the table I was sitting at and had their way with me. Like no mercy at all. Very intimidating situation and there was nothing I could do about it except take it. The first time in a long time I felt helpless, but I did everything I could to not let it show that they were tearing me into pieces. 

After they FINALLY let up the 3rd part of the interview was my opportunity to say any last words. I gave my final spiel as to why I should be hired. The Sgt. walked me outside and around the corner to a chair to sit down while they decided my fate.

I sat there for what felt like an eternity thinking about what other department I was going to apply for because I knew this was a bust or if I would join the military or not. It was probably about 3 minutes until he peeked his head around the corner and told me to come back to the room. I sat back down and they all three kept going at me for different things I had said or things in my PHS. The finally told me the conclusion they came to and they said they voted unanimously for me to move on in my process. 

I have no earthly idea how I passed because I thought I did terrible in the interview. They grilled me, beat me down, talked bad to me, called me young and lacking life experiences and many other things, but after all that they voted i would move on. 

Crazy how God works and things work out that are out of our control. It finally set in that I passed and would be moving on a day later, but now I got it in my head and I am as excited as ever. 

Oral Review Board

So Friday I had an hour conversation with GPPD and ended up scheduling an interview for Tuesday Feb. 4. Nervous isn’t even the word I can use to describe what I feel!. This is my career right in front of me and I’m a little intimidated. This interview is a week away and I feel like its tomorrow. Really I’m just going to continue to pray for comfort and confidence to make myself stand out over the rest. I would like to solicit your prayers as well because I’ve learned that prayer is a powerful thing. 

I idiotically deleted my tumblr  account, when I should have just unfollowed all of the people I didn’t want to follow. I guess its back to square 1 now.

Well, I’m back and here to give updates on my journey to become a police officer.